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1000's of Grooves. Black Metal, Death Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, Thrash Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Grunge, Doom, Grindcore, Post Metal, Emo, Heartland Rock, Industrial, Rock, Heavy Metal, Djent Drum MIDI Grooves.

Compatible Samplers: EzDrummer, Superior Drummer, Perfect Drums, Addictive Drums, Getgood Drums, MT PowerKit, NI Studio Drummer, Kontakt, Battery

Compatible DAWs: Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton, Digital Performer, Samplitude, Sonar, Harrison MixBus, Bitwig Studio, Mixcraft, GarageBand, Studio One, FL Studio, BandLab


Almighty MIDI Pack: 2017-2019 MIDI Collection

  • All the 2017-2019 MIDI packs produced by Ugritone in a single bundle! Write songs faster!
  • Try out different drum beats in seconds until you find the groove that suits your riff/section. Our files are played by our drummer extraordinaire Ron D. Rock.
  • Just drag'n'drop MIDI files into your audio editing software and you're done! MIDI-files are supported by virtually any music production software.
  • With over 1000 grooves and 230 Fills, this is quite possibly the best bang for your buck!

  • Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    "First there was a kit, then came beats" Black Metal Essentials MIDI pack gives you the essentials of Old School Black Metal Drumming. You'll find blast beats, you'll find triplet beats, you'll find the regular beats, all beats evil and ready to summon the darkness. We also included a handful of fills. You'll also find cymbal swells, crescendos etc. And a bonus, "Death March" package!

    Doom Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Drone.. whatever you want to call it it's going to be Slow, Thick & Heavy. That's why Doom Metal Essentials weighs a ton because these beats are indeed thick & heavy. Ranging from Funeral Doom 90bpm into faster Stoner Metal 170bpm, Doom Metal Essentials is a good writing tool for all things slow & heavy.

    Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    Blast beats, more Blast Beats, Fills, Carpet Rolls, 4/4 beats, 3/4 beats…
    Death Metal Essentials has it all. Inspired by Florida Death Metal scene
    of the 80s/90s, this MIDI pack contains all the Essential beats from that era.

    Skate Punk Essentials MIDI Pack

    Skate Punk Essentials includes all the essentials drum grooves and fills that 1990’s California Skate Punk was built on. There’s fast beatsslower backbeatsRamo beatsintros and plenty of fills.

    Grindcore Essentials MIDI Pack

    Grindcore Essentials offers all the essential beats used in 80s/90s/2000s Grindcore. Ranging from various different forms of Blast Beats, D-Beats into Skank beats, Double Bass, Snare rolls and even Breakdowns when you want to slow things down. Pair this with your favourite drum sampler and you won't have to send the drummer to take a shower after the EP's done.

    Deathcore Essentials MIDI Pack

    Blastbeats, doublebass, buildups and a boatload of fills to choose from. Popularized in the late 2000's Deathcore style drumming has been effectively used in most Modern Metal drums. Make Deathcore songs in minutes with Deathcore Essentials MIDI Pack!

    Melodeath Essentials MIDI Pack

    Melodeath Essentials offers a glimpse into the beats of the 1990's Gothenburg sound. Tricky doublebass patters, heavy backbeats, thrashy beats (both in 3/4 & 4/4), triplets, tom beats and much more.

    HC Essentials MIDI Pack

    2 Steps, Thrash Beats, Beatdowns, Breakdowns, Buildups… HC Essentials has it all. Make your songwriting easier. Package contains MIDI Grooves, fills etc. The grimey beats and fills from the dark alleys.

    Metalcore Essentials MIDI Pack

    Breakdowns, galloping beats, more breakdowns, thrashy beats.
    Metalcore Essentials has it all. This MIDI Pack comes with all the essential beats that
    dominated the Early 2000’s East Coast Metal & Hardcore scene.

    Thrash Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    In the 1980’s Thrash Metal dominated the Metal world. Fast, fierce, bonecrushing drum beats dominated the Drum world. Now these beats are available at the tip of your finger. Thrash Metal Essentials features beats influenced by some of the biggest albums of the genre, It has introsfillsslow stufffast stuffdouble bassupbeatsdownbeatsit’s got it all.

    Crust Punk Essentials MIDI Pack

    Anarcho-Punk, PunkMetal, D-Beat, The spirit of 1977 meets Black Metal.
    There are many ways to describe Crust Punk but regardless what you may want to call it,
    we all can agree that it's loud, mean & grimey.
    Crust Punk Essentials MIDI Pack offers a selection of beats that are more or less the backbone of this style. It's like bringing in a drummer who is comfortably drunk to hit hard, groove a little but you don't have to worry whether he's going to drink your moonshine while you go take a wizz behind a dumpster between songs.

    Melodic Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    From the Cold Dark Scandinavia comes drum beats that reflect the long dark winters, short luminous summers & the landscape of woods and lakes. Melodic Metal Essentials offers you a shortcut into the sounds of Melodic Scandinavian Metal. Beats range from solid basic beatsintros, ballady backbeats & various double bass grooves. These grooves will put night into your wish.

    Progressive Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    Progressive Death Metal MIDI Pack features grooves inspired by 1990’s Florida Death Metal Drummers. Infused with Metal style drumming & fusion Jazz, Progressive Death Metal MIDI Pack is a great collection of beats to anyone who’s after some odd-time signatures and fusion feel in their drum tracks.

    Industrial Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    Industrial Metal Essentials is a collection of machine-gun like rapid doublebass beats
    and pulsating energy. This style of drumming made famous by mid 90’s California Metal drummers
    is now available in this compact MIDI Groove Library.
    Machine-like tightness, played by a human.

    Street Punk Essentials MIDI Pack

    Whether Punk Rock means suspenders, Doc Martens, mohawks, spikes, leatherjackets or self made piercings to you, chances are Street Punk Essentials offers the drum beat you’re thinking of when you think of Punk Rock. This MIDI Pack features the beats of early mid-70s PunkSka beatsRamopunkOi Anthem beats and the beats from the Mean Streets of UK. With Street Punk Essentials you can get the ferocity of a thousand soccer hooligans laying down the Millwall bricks.

    Djentastic Drum MIDI Pack

    Need Hard-hitting Progressive Polyrhytmic Drum Beats?
    Look no further cause Djentastic Drum MIDI Pack is here.
    These complex odd-signature rhythms offer enough variation to create an army of songs with just a few clicks.

    New Wave of British Heavy Metal MIDI Pack

    New Wave of British Heavy Metal MIDI Pack offers the style of drumming that defined the shape of Heavy Metal & inspired countless Metal bands. NWOBHM Essentials is a mixture of jazzy metal drumming, doublebass action and simple groovy beats. Metal Gods approve!

    Emocore Essentials MIDI Pack

    Emocore Essentials offers a glimpse into the sound of mid- 2000’s Emo/Screamo/Alt Rock. This groove pack offers hard hitting drums, long heavy breakdowns and melodic lighter sections. When it’s Thursday and you’re under-oath to testify that your latest romance is in fact chemical and you can’t wait to share the news on your space.

    Rock Anthology MIDI Pack

    First there were Essentials, now you’ve got Anthology! Rock Anthology packs grooves & fills for all Modern Rock needs. Whether you need big backbeatstight upbeatsgroovy beats or just simple heavy driving beats; they’re all inside Rock Anthology MIDI Groove Pack. If you’re writing Modern Top 40 Rock, this pack offers you all the beats you need.

    Folk Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    Folk Metal Essentials offers all the Essentials beats & grooves used in Folk/Symphonic/Pagan & Fantasy Metal. Ranging from fast complex galloping beats into slow simple beats, Folk Metal Essentials offers you every single essential beat if you're chasing druids and battling dragons in your music. Odin Approves!

    Power Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    Wizards, dragons, axes, battles, muscles and maidens.. AND MORE BATTLES.
    Power Metal Essentials contains all the fast double bass action that inspired a handful of European bands in the late 1980's to take the New Wave of British Heavy Metal one step further. Add double-bass, high pitch vocals and screaming guitar solos, and you've got Power Metal.

    Nu Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    1990's brought in a handful of new genres; Nu Metal was one of them.
    Instead of long hair, leather and spikes; Nu Metal flirted heavily with the Hip-Hop culture.
    Nu Metal Essentials is recommended with 7-string guitars, dreadlocks, sportswear, urban graffiti, sports jerseys, turntables, skateboards, bleached hair & baggy jeans.

    Post Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

    Post Metal Essentials features drum grooves from the Apocalyptic wastelands, ethereal atmospheres and silent lucidity. Ranging from slow back beats into mathematic chaos beats, Post Metal Essentials covers it all.

    Beatdown Hardcore MIDI Pack

    Mid 1990's saw the evolution of Hardcore with more Metallic edge and the term "Beatdown"
    came around. Violent dance music with a groovy edge.
    Beatdown Hardcore Essentials MIDI Pack offers a good chunk of your favourite pit classics.
    Rise up, avengers, rise up!

    Youth Crew Hardcore MIDI Pack

    Step back into 1980's New York City, the hometown of Hardcore Music.
    Youth Crew Hardcore Essentials MIDI Pack includes all the signature drum beats from that era.
    Fast Punk drumming meets Metal Edge. Plenty of Tom buildups.
    Dance Hard!

    Grunge Rock Essentials MIDI Pack

    Grunge Rock Essentials packs all the essential drum beats from the rainy Pacific Northwest. Popularized in the early 1990’s Grunge Rock dominated the rock scene with its raw energy and unorthodox melodies. Grunge Rock Essentials takes you down the memory lane past Pike Place & Spaceneedle right into the down and dirty grooves of Seattle’s finest exports.

    Slam Death Metal MIDI Pack

    Mid 1990's saw the evolution of Death Metal. Low tuning, faster double-bass, faster blast-beats
    pig squeals, bass taps & sweeps and much more.
    Slam Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack offers a glimpse to that era and offers a wide variety of different blast beats, double bass beats & breakdowns.

    Heartland Rock Essentials MIDI Pack

    Heartland Rock Essentials lives and breathes drum grooves from the America’s Heartland. Often confused with Country, Heartland Rock dominated the airwaves of mid-80’s blue-collar working man. Whether it was from suburbs of Jersey Shore to the plains of Small Town Indiana, Heartland Rock has a foothold in the Great American Songbook.
    Heartland Rock Essentials features comes with your meat & potatoes drum beats spiced with tap dancing on the hihat and swagger that’d match the intensity of a man they called "Cougar".


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