Finfinity Complete Bundle with plugins

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Finfinity, a complete finnish heavy metal tone bundle includes:

  • Trve Cab IR Loader
  • FinnBazz IR Pack
  • FinnAxe IR Pack
  • KVLT Drums II
  • KVLT Drums II: Finnfantry Expansion

VST/VST3/AU/AAX Plugin formats available. 64-bit system required.


FinnAxe Impulse Response Pack

FinnAxe IR Pack features some classic Finnish Modern Metal tones. Tones with mids, tones with scooped mids, best of both worlds. Combine these with a high-gain British amp or a high-gain American amp and chug away.

PLEASE NOTE: This only includes the .WAV & .ugricab files, no amp sim is included.

System Requirements:
  • Impulse Response Loader (TRVE Cab, Two Notes Torpedo etc)
  • Amp Simulator or Guitar Amp or an Effects pedal to act as a preamp/poweramp
  • IR files are supported by software Impulse Response loaders &
    hardware unit compatibility cannot be guaranteed at this time.

FinnBazz Impulse Response Pack

FinnBazz IR Pack features 3 patches that were crafter for Modern Metal.
Created to mimic the classic Bass chain consisting of DI/Distortion, Close Mic & Room mics. Thundering Bass tone with life.
Combine the miced signal with a foolproof DI/Distortion IR to ensure that these 2 won't interfere with each other.

PLEASE NOTE: This only includes the .WAV & .ugricab files, no amp sim is included.

System Requirements:
  • Impulse Response Loader (TRVE Cab, Two Notes Torpedo etc)
  • Amp Simulator or Guitar Amp or an Effects pedal to act as a preamp/poweramp
  • IR files are supported by software Impulse Response loaders &
    hardware unit compatibility cannot be guaranteed at this time.

KVLT Drums II: Finnfantry Expansion

Drum Sound of the 2000's Finnish Metal

  • VST/AU/AAX Compatible
  • 6 Snares, 2 Kicks, 1 Full Set of Toms, 10 cymbals (Hihat, Crashes, Chinas, Splashes, Stacks, Ride)
  • ~310 Mb Download Size
  • Drums Engineered by: Ron D. Rock @ New Soundstakk Studios, Windsor, ON
  • Drums Performed by: Ron D. Rock

Mic Features:
To ensure full control over each and every channel, Finnfantry Expansion was captured with multiple close mics, FX mics along with Overheads & Room Channels.

Close Mics:
Snare: Slate Digital© ML-2
Toms: Slate Digital© ML-2
Cymbals: Slate Digital© ML-2
Kick: Slate Digital© ML-2 & Slate Digital© ML-1

TRVE Cab IR Loader

Ugritone really knocked the ball out of the park with this one. I was really impressed with how dead-on target these IR’s sound, absolutely on point! I felt like I was standing in the rehearsal room, right next to my amp - or at a mythical guitar friendly recording studio”

-Karl Sanders (Nile)

TRVE Cab - 8 Channel Impulse Response Loader

TRVE Cab is an Impulse Response loader designed for Heavy Rock & Metal Guitarists of any caliber. Simplified workflow - endless possibilities.

With TRVE Cab Loader you can load up to 8 simultaneous IR files and shape up the tone anyway you wish. Multiple IR’s will guarantee that the tone will not sound sterile or dry and you don’t have to reach for the gain button to create more harmonics in your tone.
Instead of adjustable positioning of the mic, we captured the cabinet from the front, the back and above. Creating a sound similar to the one you hear when you plugin into your amp in your room.

What about Phase issues? Well, the beauty of simulation is that laws of physics can be broken. What would normally result in a horrible, unfocused tone; will sound like a big, focused tone on TRVE Cab. See how many mics you can add up and let phase be your friend.

TRVE Cab comes in VST/AU/AAX format and can be used in both studio & live applications.

Not sure how to install?

Gigantic Guitar Sound is Only A Few Clicks Away!

  • Load up to 8 IR’s simultaneously via 8 separate slots
  • Cabinet graphics to help identify the mics in use
  • Low CPU use, low latency
  • Volume, pan, HiPass, LoPass, solo & mute controls for every channel
  • Load your own IR’s
  • Comes with a Ugritone Freebie IR Pack

Guitar Cabs Simplified:

Get straight to the point with TRVE Cab. 7 prefixed positions will guarantee that you won’t get lost flicking through countless different mics or moving mics around that won’t improve your tone at all. Whether you rely on a single mic right on the cone or want 8 mics on a guitar cabinet, the tone is with you right from the get go.

Interface & Mixing Features

Every IR slot has a Volume, Pan, HiPass, LoPass, Phase Flip, Solo & Mute controls so you can focus on each and every channel with intensive care. Remove mud or extra hiss and clean up your tone... Or annihilate it completely, it's up to you!

Midimap editor

Meet the TRVE Cab Positions:

The backbone of the modern heavy guitar tone. A single 57 about 2-3” from the cone has been a popular application in many rock/metal/hardcore & punk albums in the past 40 years. Classic choice.

The side mic is a 57 pointing at the cone from a 55 degree angle. When combined with the “Cone” position this creates a perfect mix of crisp and dark tone, resulting in one massive tone. Has been a popular trick within hard rock engineers since the 1970’s.

Edge of the speaker produces a darker, deeper tone. When blended with the Cone and Side it can filter out the harsh frequencies and can be used to add weight into the sound.

The beauty of open back guitar cabinets is that when you add a mic behind the cabinet about 4” from the speakers magnets, you’ll get this bassy tone to really add some balls in your tone. Combine this position with any of the first 3 and you’ll be deep in the 80’s Crossover/Thrash Metal zone!

SM58 about 12” from the grill produces a nice full sound with enough ambience to feel more live, but just about enough focus so you won’t lose any of those tasty Mids and Highs. Let this one dominate or blend it in with the rest of the channels.

Let’s face it, guitar doesn’t sound good in an anechoic chamber. Remove the speaker from the cabinet and see how loud the signal will be. Hint: Not very loud at all. With Room channel you can add some much needed ambience to make the guitar feel more live.

This is an odd one. Ever heard a cranked up a tube head played in a room and the cab is in the other room? Yup, the tubes sizzle and we miked just that! This one could also be called “glass” or “shimmer”. Add this on top of the other channels and you can hear those tubes sizzle away.

Freebie IR Cab Pack INCLUDED:

Mimick ‘74 (Vintage 30):
This tone was created to bring the detuned Rectifier tone to life. Tune down to C-A and feel the earth shake beneath you. Full-tone, bassy response, size, weight; it’s all there.

HeadKrush (Vintage 30):
The modern angry British Thrash Metal tone. Pair this up with your favourite British Hi-Gain amp, recommended tuning range (E-D).

PlagueBearer (Texas Heat):
This is a nasty one. Mid dominant with harsh harmonics. Geared for Hardcore/Metalcore.
Recommended tuning range (Drop tuning)

PuritanikMisantrophia (Mod 30):
Big scooped tone. Pair this up with our favourite German Hi-Gain amp to create a massive, slightly scooped tone. Recommended tuning range: (E-C)

ScarSheppard (Classic Lead 80):
Another modern Thrash tone with a slightly different voicing. Pair it up either with a British Hi-Gain or a Hi-Gain with lots of bite. Recommended tuning range: (E-D)

Load your own IR's:

Have a tone you already love? Load it up and off you go.
You can combine your own favourites with TRVE Cab elements. Need more room in your original IR? No problem. Need a second mic? No problem. Stack em up and enlarge your tone!

TrveCab supports .wav, .aiff and .flac -files along with our own .ugricab IR Pack -files.

Browser remembers your selected folder so you don't have to search for your IR's everytime from C:\ or ~/. Have an IR file folder for all your IR's and easily use them all with our TrveCab.

Save & Load your own Presets

Dialed in your favourite tone ever?!

Just click save preset, give it a name and you can use it anywhere you like.

Preset list also includes any ugricab-files you might own, inside a path you can set in settings, so it makes things blazing-fast!

Shift through all the presets and cabs by simple clicks.


The Underground Metal Drum VSTi

KVLT Drums II is a Drum Sample Library catered to cover all areas of 80’s/90’s/2000’s Underground Metal Drum Sound. Unpolished beauty, raw natural sound.

Whether you’re after chasing the sound of Norwegian fjords, buzzsaw sludge of Sweden, swampy marshlands of Tampa, thrash attack of the Bay Area, ear-piercing brutality of East Coast Death Metal or straight-edge breakdowns of Mid 90’s Belgium; KVLT Drums II can cater that drum sound.

Shape it anyway you like, enhance it anyway you like.

Old School Metal Drum Sound at the Tip of Your Fingers!

  • VST/AU/AAX Compatible
  • 12 Snares, 2 Kicks, 3 Full Set of Toms, 12 cymbals (Hihat, Crashes, Chinas, Splashes, Stacks, Ride)
  • Over 100 Oneshot samples
  • ~600 Mb Download Size
  • Includes a Black Metal MIDI Groove Library
  • Load your own WAV/AIFF/FLAC samples
  • Drums Engineered by: Ron D. Rock @ New Soundstakk Studios, Windsor, ON
  • Drums Performed by: Ron D. Rock

Sampler Engine

KVLT Drums 2 will feature our most advanced sampler-engine covering numerous round robins and velocity layers that will ensure the most realistic virtual drumming experience. Advanced scripting combined with our dynamic sampling technique will ensure that you won’t get that machine-gun robotic effect out of this one.

Interface & Mixing Features

The graphic user interface allows you to process the kit individually or in groups. You can adjust gain, pan & individual mic levels per each and every drum. Meaning that you can nail the perfect blend of close mics, adjust the levels for overheads, room & FX channels. Total control over every channel.

Drum panels makes it organized and allows free control on panel placement and also ables you to choose to see and adjust only the drums you need to adjust not coggle the entire window with dozens of buttons and knobs which you don't really always need. Organizing buttons on the bottom bar (open all, close all, position in grid, open mix/FX/Routing tab for all) Makes handling large amounts of panels a breeze for mixing and setup!

Mic Features:
To ensure full control over each and every channel, KVLT Drums II was captured with multiple close mics, FX mics along with Overheads & Room Channels.

Close Mics:
Snare & shells: SM57 (1073 & Aural Exciter)
Cymbals: U47 FET (G9 & 55B)
Kick: SM57 & U47 FET

Midimap editor
The Hell Mic:
This channel is the glue to make the kit sound even tighter together. Placed flat on the floor and compressed to death, The Hell Mic unites the kit.
Hell Mic: SM57 (Distressor, Limiter)

The Trash Mic:
If the Hell Mic is bringing the glue, the Trash Mic is bringing the grit. Bringing up those nasty overtones and that 4-track demo feel. Blend it in to get nice distorted harmonics or let this one dominate for Pure Fucking Armageddon.
Trash Mic: Unknown Talkback Mic (1073 & EQ)

Overheads is the crucial element to each and every drum sound. Some like to get the full picture out of Overheads while some like to carve out the lows and let it sparkle in the highs. We gave you the fullest, yet brightest possible starting point for Overhead sound so regardless of your approach, you are one-step closer in nailing a good Overhead sound.
Overhead Mics: Stereo Pair of KM184’s (V72 & 1084)

Room Mics:
Room Channel captured the small yet punchy sound of the brand new Soundstakk Studios. Nulled away from the kit, the room mics added weight and depth into the drums.
Room Mic: Stereo Pair of 76’s (G9, 670, 55B)

Kit Features*:

Mapex Armory 22x18 (MorrisKick, StickyKick)

Mapex Black Panther 14x6.5 (MorrisSnare, BonzoSnare)
Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5 (HolyLudwig, MeanLudwig, TightLudwig)
Mapex Warbird 12x5.5 (Metalbird, Vertibird)

Mapex Armory 8x8 (Clear/Concert/Teatowel)
Mapex Armory 10x7 (Clear/Concert/Teatowel)
Mapex Armory 12x8 (Clear/Concert/Teatowel)
Mapex Armory 16x14 (Clear/Concert/Teatowel)
Mapex Armory 18x16 (Clear/Concert/Teatowel)

Sabian AA Medium Hat 14”
Sabian XSR Medium Ride 20”

Ziljdian A Custom 16”
Sabian XSR Fast Crash 18”
Zildjian K Custom 19”
Sabian XSR Rock Crash 18”

Ziljdian K Custom 19”

Sabian AAX 8”
Wuhan 10”

China 2:
Wuhan China 12”

Custom Stack 19”
Custom Stack 12”

Load your own One-Shot samples:

Drums need more consistency and need to cut through mix better? Add One-shot WAV’s! KVLT Drums 2 comes equipped with some cool one-shot WAV’s to enhance your drumming experience even further. You can also load your own personal favourites to thicken up those drums.

With One-Shots KVLT Drums II Becomes almost endlessly adjustable drum sampler that can produce many varieties of heavy drum tones!

Kit Presets:

Not really sure how a certain Drum Sound was crafted? Kit Presets to the rescue!
We spent hours crafting these presets to give you the best possible starting point per genre & style. Flick through and see which style suits your song the best!

Preset list*:
  • DefaultKit
  • MetalFinland2002
  • Mexico1998
  • MysteriousSatan
  • NorwegianChickenShack
  • Ridethe85
  • Seattle1991
  • St.Ranger
  • SveaMamma1990
  • Tampa1992
  • Thrash1989
  • VeganToughGuy
  • Cardinal Kings

Output routing presets

KVLT Drums II Comes with 16 output channels to your audio editor for maximum mixing versatility. But sometimes it gets just too complex for the purpose. Output routing presets are here to help. Just need 1 single stereo output? Need to have Shells and Cymbals separated? It's all super easy!

But if you are like us and sometimes want to dive deep, it's possible!

For example you could compress only the toms and add some reverb. Need to add some saturation on the Cymbals or Snare? You got it. Multiband-compress your entire room channel? Done. Want to go totally whacky and mix different mics without any restrictions with each other and the add FX on your audio edtor? That's possible too! Free multi output routing is incredibly flexible when doing pro mixes and going all nuts!

Adjustable Midinotes

There's 2 ways in KVLT Drums II To adjust midinotes.

First one is on the individual drum panels, which makes it easy to see which note is for which drum / cymbal (hihat Closed / Pedal / Open etc).

The other one is midimap editor which allows you to see all the midinotes on one matrix and adjust them at once, and also load different midimap presets to match some major drum sample libraries and midipacks.

Midieditor also shows played midinotes so it helps you to map your midinotes, for example, with an electronic drumkit that often times doesn't follow any standard for notes.

Save & Load your own Presets

You can save presets outside audio editor and even share them, but most importantly, to ease workflow. With dynamic loading you can select what to import, which makes for example, loading just a midinote map for your e-kit super easy, or loading the chosen samples but keeping everything else untouched to test different combinations for your mix.


Brutal tone for brutal music, no cheap-ass plastic ping-pong.
Tech Specs

Plugin System Requirements:

  • 64-bit Operating System (MAC OS 10.9 or Windows 7 and higher)
  • Dual-core CPU
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • a Soundcard
  • Supported Audio Editing Software (Check here)

  • MIDI Pack System Requirements:

  • Any software and hardware which is capable of reading .mid-files in midi standard.

  • Product details:

  • Our plugins come in VST, AU and AAX Format, for 64-bit systems.
  • Our Samplers expect midi input.
  • Audio processing plugins like 1989Verb expects audio input.
  • Our midipacks are packages of midifiles that can be used as loops for drum libraries to produce audible beats. They are usually compatible with most drum libraries.
  • Delivery & Refund
  • We deliver products for you instantly upon purchase as a digital downloads.
  • We have a 180-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, just ask us for a refund within 6 months of your payment and you'll get it. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!