Drums Against Humanity: Unholy Sound of Inferno

Drums Against Humanity: Unholy Sound of Inferno

In the world of Extreme Metal, the thunderous drumming serves as the lifeblood of an ever-evolving musical landscape. Amidst the pantheon of percussive virtuosos, Zbigniew "Inferno" Prominski has emerged as an icon, his mastery of speed and technique leaving an indelible mark on the genre. For musicians and producers seeking the definitive sound of this drumming titan, Ugritone's Drums Against Humanity offers a groundbreaking sample library that captures not an emulation, but THEĀ SOUND of Inferno himself.

In this exploration, we delve into the depths of Drums Against Humanity, examining its recording process, unique features, and its ability to authentically encapsulate the spirit of Inferno's drumming. We also cast a glance at the library's GUI graphics, a snapshot immortalizing theĀ stage setup of Behemoth's 2022 Euro Tour.

  1. The Pursuit ov Authenticity: Inferno's Signature Sound

Countless drum libraries may attempt to emulate the ferocious sound of Inferno, but Drums Against Humanity stands apart as a true sonic representation of the master himself. By meticulously capturing every nuance and detail of his drumming, the library offers an authentic and unparalleled experience for musicians and producers alike.

Inferno's choice of Pearl Drums has long been a crucial component of his signature sound. Drums Against Humanity ensures that this crucial element is preserved, capturing the thunderous power and tonal richness that has come to define Inferno's work. The library's inclusion of these iconic drums allows users to tap into the very essence of what makes Inferno's drumming stand out, forging their own creations with the same tools used by the master.

Complementing the powerful foundation provided by the Pearl Drums, Inferno's use of Paiste Cymbals adds a crucial layer of nuance and accentuation to his drumming. Drums Against Humanity faithfully captures the distinctive shimmer and attack of these cymbals, allowing musicians and producers to explore the full range of Inferno'sĀ cymbal arsenal.

  1. A Symphony ov Destruction: Recording at Tallpine Records

To faithfully reproduce the essence of Inferno's drumming, Drums Against Humanity was recorded at Tallpine Records in Kolbudy, Poland, the same studio where Behemoth's Opvs Contra Natvram (2022) album was recorded. This location, steeped in the history and spirit of extreme metal, provided the ideal environment for capturing the authentic sound of Inferno's drumming. The library, recorded under the expert guidance of Haldor Grunberg from Satanic Audio, ensures that the final product is a true testament to Inferno's iconic style and sound.

  1. AeonsĀ ov the Past: Iconic Snares and Beyond

As an homage to Inferno's storied career, Drums Against Humanity features the snares used on two seminal Extreme Metal albums: Behemoth's "The Apostasy" and Decapitated's "Carnival is Forever." By incorporating these instruments into the library, Drums Against Humanity not only pays tribute to the past but also provides musicians with the tools to forge their own path in the footsteps of a legend.

  1. A Visual Ode to Metal: GUI Graphics from the 2022 Euro Tour

Complementing the library's powerful sonic qualities, the GUI graphics of Drums Against Humanity were captured during the Behemoth 2022 Euro Tour. This visual component offers a glimpse into the intensity and passion that defines the world of Behemoth, serving as a fitting backdrop for the library's auditory prowess.


Drums Against Humanity is not merely a drum library; it is an homage to the artistry of Inferno and a testament to the relentless spirit of Extreme Metal. By capturing the authentic sound of Inferno's Pearl Drums and Paiste cymbals at the storied Tallpine Records studio, Ugritone has crafted a library that enables musicians and producers to tap into the very essence of his drumming.
E-drummers, songwriters, and Home-studio producers can now add Inferno's touch to their songs and craft compositions in the footsteps of a metal legend. Drums Against Humanity is not an emulation ā€“ it is the authentic sound, poised to fuel the fires of creativity and forge the future of metal.

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