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What is an Impulse Response? The simple guide

Impulse Response is a sonic measurement between the source and (in this case) the guitar cabinet. In other words, our IR's are Guitar Cabinet emulations that can be used either with TRVE Cab or any other Impulse Response loader.

How Do I Use Impulse Responses?

You load up your DAW, apply your favourite amp sim or multi-fx-unit or even a real amp (as long as it creates distortion or acts like a preamp, you're good) apply the IR loader on a guitar track, load up the IR file and boom! you're all set to rock.

Can I use these with Kemper/AxeFX/Headrush etc?

Most modelling amps will allow external IR's to be imported but they also often require different sample rate. Our IR's are in 24/44.1Khz. Check the compatibility from your modeller's website.

Things that can be captured as an IR:

Anything that's static.

#1 You have the coolest sounding drum room in the world. You've tried a few other studios and they just don't sound the same. Good news? You can capture an IR of your room and then take it with you wherever you go and load it via IR loader.

#2 You've got this rare mic from the 1920's that sounds great on everything? Good news is you capture the EQ curve of that mic and use it spice up the dull "new" mics.

#3 Guitar cabs, delay/reverb units, EQ units.

Things that can't be captured as an IR:

Anything non-static. Distortion, chorus, flanger, compression. 

How Ugritone Impulse Responses are created and why should I use them?

Instead of offering IR packs that offer 1 or 2 positions with 36 different mics, we wanted to capture the entire cab in 3D space, from the front, from the back and from above. With TRVE Cab loader you can load up to 8 individual slots simultaneously giving you access to a fuller tone. 8 fixed positions, 1 mic per position = endless possibilities.

Our Current Impulse Response packs:

Old School Black Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Trve Kvlt Lo-Fi Madness. Feel the dark winds of the cold north sweep through the fjords and forests. Old School Black Metal IR pack is a grim-sounding, LoFi collection of Scandinavian Black Metal Guitar Tones.

USA Death Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Heavy, fizzy and saturated tones of the early 90's Florida are back. USA Death Metal IR pack offers a glimpse into the days of solid-state distortion & unforgiving mid scoops. Pair these up with your favourite Solid-State Hi-Gain amp or your favourite distortion pedal and start chopping.

SweDeath Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Buzzsaw tones of Sverige. Distortion pedal in front of a solid-state combo resulted in some seriously fat tones in the early 1990's and now those tones are here in the form of SweDeath Metal IR Pack.
Use these IR's with a healthy dose of distortion and tune low!

USA Thrash Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Tone of the Mid 80's Thrash Metal is here. USA Thrash Metal IR pack brings you back to the West Coast Thrash scene in the 1980's. Pair these up with your favourite Hi-Gain Brit amp or a Hi-Gain American amp.

Modern Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Guitar tones from 1995-2005. Pair these with your favorite American or British Hi-Gain amp.

Texas Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Everything's bigger in Texas, so are the Guitar Tones! We dug up some cool heavy Texas tones. Pair up with your favourite Hi-Gain Solid State amplifier or distortion pedal.

Crossover Thrash - Impulse Response Pack

Is it Thrash or is it Hardcore? Well it's a little bit of both.
1980's saw the blend of Metal & Punk and out came Crossover.
Use these IR's with your favourite Hi-Gain British or American amp and let the good times roar.

70's UK Hard Rock - Impulse Response Pack

Remember that tone from old vinyls where the guitar had that cool crank where you could almost hear the speaker cone piercing? 
That's the tone behind 70's UK Hard Rock IR Pack.
Use these IR's with your favorite Plexi amp, or combine fuzz & distortion in front of a clean tube amp to get that nasty grit.

70's USA Hard Rock - Impulse Response Pack

This is the sound of the Classic Rock. Big loud guitars with a cool rocking distortion straight out of 1970's US of A.
Use these IR's with your favorite Plexi amp and turn to knobs all the way to eleven.

Hardcore - Impulse Response Pack

Mean tones from the mean streets. Hardcore IR Pack delivers the goods to give you a violent guitar tone.
Use these IR's with your favorite American Hi-Gain.

NWOBHM - Impulse Response Pack

Late 70's/Early 80's UK where mills produced Steel, bands produced Metal.
Plug in your favourite UK amp with NWOBHM IR Pack and take a time machine back
in time to birth of Heavy Metal.

Hair Metal - Impulse Response Pack

Remember the Sunset Strip and the high-flying guitar solos? Yup, 1980's LA sound is here. Hair Metal IR Pack features some classic tones from those days.
Use these IR's with your favorite Hi-Gain British amp and see if you can reach that Platinum Record!

Grunge Rock - Impulse Response Pack

1991 Seattle rain & Mt Rainier fog down the Pike Place Market. Birthplace of plaid-shirts, sneakers and a new style of rock music that shaped the 1990's: Grunge Rock. With Grunge Rock IR Pack you can revisit those gloomy days from the early 90's, pair with your favorite British or American amp, add a bit of chorus to taste and you'll be soaked in Seattle.

Big Rock - Impulse Response Pack

Early New Millennium was a popular time for scooped American Hi-Gain tones and now they're available via Big Rock Impulse Response Pack. Get a taste of  1999-2002 with this IR pack and pair it with your favorite American Hi-Gain amp.


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