About Us

“True innovation lies in those who’ll truly dare to challenge the status quo”

Ugritone offers audio-tools made by Ron D. Rock and Toni Kauko.
We are making plugins, virtual instruments and soundpacks for music producers. Here at Ugritone we believe that quality music tools belong to everyone which is why you’ll find our products at an affordable rate. We’re not here to make the greatest sounding compressor or to make the most accurate EQ; we are here to make interesting new plugins that haven’t been available before. We are also firm believers that in order to understand the future of music, you must know the history of it. Old ideas, new uses.


Ron D. Rock (Engineering, Marketing, A&R)

This Finnish-born audio gear nut has been playing music actively since 1997, started engineering in the year 2000. Started producing local Finnish bands in 2004, ventured to America in 2006, went to college in Ireland in 2013, lived briefly in Spain and in 2016 returned to America. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, absolute die hard New England Patriots/Boston Red Sox fan, intellectual, libertarian. He loves The Sopranos, he thinks John Mellencamp changed the face of country music, he enjoys philosophical panel discussions, he believes Rock N Roll can change the world, he loves pizza in all shapes and forms (Top 3: Bianchi’s, Revere, MA; Waldo Cooney’s, Chicago, IL; Buddy’s, Detroit, MI) and he also believes in self-education. He likes to wind down by playing bluegrass on the front porch. He enjoys his Keystone Light over craft beer.

He only dislikes dishonesty, superficiality and materialism.



Toni Kauko (Programming, graphics, Tech support)

Some might say this dude's a bit wacky, or child-like. I mean, who sings like a girl during shopping without caring who'll hear or not. That said he's probably very introvert... even for a Finn. Yep, that's right, cause Finns are known for their talkative nature, right?. Toni's a Jack-of-all-trades and has always been. From the very young age, he was concentrating more into creating stuff than socializing with people, lived most of his youngster life in the countryside, Where there wasn't much else to do besides building and inventing. Music's been a part of his life all the way from childhood. He began by playing piano for couple of years, then got drums, couple of years after got a guitar, and started composing and singing from the age of 14. There's around 30 to 40 songs written by him, and some of them recorded, but just a few of them published. Toni's a computer geek too, but 'not that much'. First touch with C++ was with our first plugin. But as a DIY-dude Toni just said "Chill, I'm on it", and couple of weeks later (and hundred's of hours bashing his head to the wall) came up with a beta version of the KVLT Drums. Toni loves singing, playing music, doing 3D-graphics, spending time with his family. He's definitely paving his own path, disliking doing things that doesn't develop him as a person or advance his dreams.



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