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At Ugritone, our goal was to create a product that would help songwriters and home-studio producers bring their music to life, given the high cost of recording real drums.
That's why we developed Ugritone Drums, a drum instrument that allows all of our libraries to run under one roof and delivers a sound that feels like a real drum set.

We understand that the drum track is an essential foundation for any song, which is why we made it a
priority to strike a balance between offering enough options to keep users creatively inspired, without overwhelming them with too many mixing/editing options.

By focusing on the songwriting process, we believe that Ugritone Drums can help users create drum tracks that are the perfect foundation for their music, without breaking the bank.

We hope that Ugritone Drums can be of value to anyone looking for an affordable and creative solution to their drum production needs.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we believe that Ugritone Drums will help you bring your music to life, without having to sacrifice your budget.


Will Ugritone Drums work on my computer?

64-bit PC Windows 7 and higher
64-bit MAC OS X 10.9 and higher

4GB of RAM
Dual Core CPU
a soundcard
4GB of hard drive space

Please note:
iOS and Android

Which DAW's are currently supported

VST/AU/AAX 64-bit only:

Pro Tools 11 and higher
Cockos Reaper 3.4 and higher
Steinberg Cubase 8 and higher
Cakewalk Sonar X3 and higher
Apple Logic X 10.2.1 and higher
Studio one 5
FL Studio 11
Digital Performer 9
Ableton Live 8 (Mac)
Ableton Live 9 (PC)
Reason 1
Magix Music Maker
Harrison Mixbus

Not-supported DAWs:

Cakewalk BandLab

I want to try updated libraries on an old track where I used KVLT2 and/or KVLT2 expansions?

- Duplicate or move the existing MIDI onto a new track
- Delete the KVLT 2 instrument track with all existing outputs and save the project
- Restart DAW and re-load the project*
- Load Ugritone Drums and place the original MIDI on the U.D instrument track


    1) Download & Install Ugritone Drums.

    2) Download & install sample data. (E.g Arena Rock/KVLT 2 etc)

    3) Launch DAW & Ugritone Drums and the new samples should appear in the dropdown menus/preset menu


    1) Download & Install Ugritone Drums.

    2) Download the "no installer" version of the Drum Sample data (e.g Arena Rock, KVLT2 etc)
    3) Unzip the contents of Drum Sample data into a desired folder
    (e.g C:/Drum Samples)

    4) Launch DAW & Ugritone Drums
    5) Go to Settings bar in Ugritone Drums and select the Sample Folder location or select Auto-Locate
    6) Restart DAW & Ugritone Drums
    and the new samples should appear in the dropdown menus/preset menu


    By default the plugin will install to:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST
    C:\\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Avid\Audio\Plug-Ins (AAX)

    Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components (AU)
    Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins (AAX)

    By default the sample data will install to:

    C:\ProgramData\Ugritone\KVLT Drums II Data (WIN)
    /Users/user name/Documents/Ugritone (MAC)

    FYI: If you chose a different folder for the Sample Data?Go to Ugritone Drums Settings and manually enter the custom path to the User Data Path.(E.g if Sample data was installer to C:/VST Plugins, set the Sample Folder Path to C:/VST Plugins via Ugritone Drums Settings)-

    I keep getting duplicate errors about presets,
    one-shots or samples??-
    #1 Most likely if there's an old KVLT2 folder located anywhere else containing either samples, oneshots or preset files - this will trigger*the Hox! error. Your best bet would be to remove the old data and make this your primary folder with Ugritone Drums.-

    #2 Remove the KVLT Drums II Original folder inside the C:/Program Data/Ugritone/KVLT Drums II DataShould you wish to use the other folder instead, to avoid this we strongly recommend using the "No Installer" file when downloadingupdates/new products as you can then manually move them to the desired folder.


    1) Connect your drum module to your computer either via MIDI/USB

    2) Navigate to DAW settings and make sure your E-kit/MIDI Device is listed as a MIDI Device

    3) Load up an instrument track and choose the MIDI Device as track input (that MIDI signal is received from the MIDI that the e-kit is sending)

    4) Select Ugritone Drums as the Virtual Instrument and let it load

    5) Make sure Ugritone Drums instrument track is either armed for recording and/or has monitoring turned on

    6) Enjoy

    - Please note that due to USB/MIDI connection latency your safest bet is to connect output from your modulefor real time monitoring

    - Either set the module mapping (can usually be set in Ext Trig menu) to match U.D mapping or match U.D (inside routing tab) to module mapping.

    Detailed Walkthrough:

    Another detailed walkthrough video: