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        Heavy Metal Drum Samples and VST Plugins

        Here at Ugritone our aim is to make you raw, unpolished, natural sounding Drum Samples. Whether you like Old School or New School Heavy Music, chances are we probably already have a kit that suits your needs.

        -We make our own VST/AU/AAX Samplers, so no Kontakt/Battery/Trigger etc needed

        -Compatible with all major DAW's (Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton

        -Easy to use & navigate GUI, natural response

        -Instant Download Drum Samples for Metal, Rock, Punk, Hardcore, Indie!

        KVLT Drums II

        KVLT Drums 2 is a Drum Sample Library catered to cover all areas of 80’s/90’s/2000’s Underground Metal Drum Sound. Unpolished beauty, raw natural sound.

        Whether you’re after chasing the sound of Norwegian fjords, buzzsaw sludge of Sweden, swampy marshlands of Tampa, thrash attack of the Bay Area, ear-piercing brutality of East Coast Death Metal or straight-edge breakdowns of Mid 90’s Belgium; KVLT Drums 2 can cater that drum sound. Shape it anyway you like, enhance it anyway you like.

        KVLT Drums II: Speed Metal Expansion

        Speed Metal expansion packs gives you access to Power Toms, Deep Kicks, authentic 80's cymbals and wide array of Snares to choose from.

        KVLT Drums II: Old School Death Metal Expansion

        Old School Death Metal expansion gives you access to Drum tones of the early 1990's Death Metal.
        Florida meets GothenburgNew York meets Stockholm.
        Dry & tight room sound, toms with lots of attack but with lightning fast decay, snares that snap just right.

        Northern Artillery Drums

        Northern Artillery Drums is a drum sample library oriented towards fast technical metal. Samples produced by none other than Matias Kupiainen, the producer/guitarist of Stratovarius! Drums played by drummer of Stratovarius, Rolf Pilve!

        Riot Drums

        Riot Drums is a fully sampled drum kit that was inspired by classic 90’s Hardcore albums. We dug out some old cassette tapes & vinyls, rented a recording space and got a kick ass drum kit and sampled the whole thing for you.

        Anarchy Drums

        Anarchy Drums is a fully sampled drum kit that was inspired by 90's California Skate Punk. Comes with Skate Punk Essentials MIDI Pack (90 beats & over 30 fills)!