Heavy Metal Creator Complete Bundle

$1,000.00 $249.00

EVERY SINGLE Ugritone product in one bundle. Products worth over $1300!

  • 15 IR packs ( Over 520 Impulse responses! )
  • 30 MIDI Packs ( Over 4000 beats with fills!!! )
  • 10 Drum Samplers/Expansion (thousands and thousands of individual samples)
  • 4 various Plugins / Virtual Instruments

    Just some of our product audio demos:

    This is it. First time ever, we offer EVERY SINGLE UGRITONE PRODUCT in a single bundle.

    We've put in thousands of hours of work. That alone make the original price of over 1300 USD worth it. But now it's 299 USD. It's just insane.

    I guess we were even a bit afraid to do this. Because there's so much stuff in. Give us your courage!

    Thousands of midi grooves. Hundreds of Impulse responses. Thousands and thousands of drum samples. Expanions. Plugins.

    You won't find these anywhere else. We've made them. We sell them. No re-sales. One-time offer to get them all.

    Oh boy... Here it goes, bundle includes:

    • 1989Verb
    • 70's UK Hard Rock IR Pack
    • 70's USA Hard Rock IR Pack
    • Anarchy Drums
    • ASSAULT Drums
    • Beatdown Hardcore MIDI Pack
    • Big Rock - Impulse Response Pack
    • Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Crossover Thrash IR Pack
    • Crust Punk Essentials MIDI Pack

    We're pretty unique!

    But what we are NOT afraid to do, is our drum samplers the different way. While there are plenty of "High-quality drum samples" out there, there's not much for old school tones. Those tones we so much love. All the top rock bands ever lived in the 50's, 60's 70's, 80's... Very few companies touch tones from the old days. They're focusing on the modern stuff. We are not. If you need some roughness, some dirt, some testosterone on your mixes, you've come to the right place.


    • DaZuul
    • Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Deathcore Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Dieswitch Drums
    • Djentastic Drum MIDI Pack
    • Doom Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Doom Metal Anthology MIDI Pack
    • Emocore Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Folk Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Freebie IR Pack
    • Freebie ROCK Grooves MIDI Pack

    Our MIDI Packs give inspiration

    If you get an idea for a song, our tools are yours to use. If you DON'T have ANY ideas, there's around 1000 midi grooves to start from! Drag the grooves in, select ANY drum sampler you wish, choose your preset. And click play. There you go, a thousand ideas for you. Right now. With so many different tones you definitely find your favourite ones and lots of variability.


    • Grindcore Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Grunge Rock - Impulse Response Pack
    • Grunge Rock Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Hair Metal - Impulse Response Pack
    • Hardcore - Impulse Response Pack
    • HC Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Heartland Rock Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Industrial Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Koji
    • KVLT Drums II
    • KVLT Drums II: OSDM Expansion
    • KVLT Drums II: Speed Metal Expansion
    • KVLT Drums II: 1978 Assault Expansion
    • KVLT Drums II: Vintage Doom Expansion
    • KVLT Drums II: RIOT Drums 2
    • KVLT Drums

    Impulse Responses for your guitar tone

    We have simulated many many maaany cabinets, a lot of the old relics and cool unique ones which are rare to find. You'll find tones that suit heavy metal incredibly well. And stand out from the crowd!

    And more...

    • Melodeath Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Melodic Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Metalcore Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Modern Metal - Impulse Response Pack
    • Northern Artillery Drums
    • Nu Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • NWOBHM - Impulse Response Pack
    • NWOBHM Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Old School Black Metal IR Pack
    • Post Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Power Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Progressive Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • DoomBazz - Impulse Response Pack
    • FinnAxe - Impulse Response Pack
    • FinnBazz - Impulse Response Pack

    ...and other plugins

    Dazuul, our take on de-essing, Koji, old school console synth for all the retro ideas, Trve Cab for extended possilibity in Cabinet simulation and 1989Verb for great reverbs all the way from drums and guitars to vocals.

    And moreee......

    • Riot Drums
    • Rock Anthology MIDI Pack
    • Skate Punk Essentials MIDI Pack
    • Slam Death Metal MIDI Pack
    • Street Punk Essentials MIDI Pack
    • SweDeath Metal IR Pack
    • Texas Metal IR Pack
    • Thrash Metal Essentials MIDI Pack
    • TrveCab
    • USA Death Metal IR Pack
    • USA Thrash Metal IR Pack
    • Youth Crew Hardcore MIDI Pack
    • MiniFuzz - Impulse Response Pack
    Tech Specs

    Plugin System Requirements:

  • 64-bit Operating System (MAC OS 10.9 or Windows 7 and higher)
  • Dual-core CPU
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • a Soundcard
  • Supported Audio Editing Software (Check here)

  • MIDI Pack System Requirements:

  • Any software and hardware which is capable of reading .mid-files in midi standard.

  • Product details:

  • Our plugins come in VST, AU and AAX Format, for 64-bit systems.
  • Our Samplers expect midi input.
  • Audio processing plugins like 1989Verb expects audio input.
  • Our midipacks are packages of midifiles that can be used as loops for drum libraries to produce audible beats. They are usually compatible with most drum libraries.
  • Delivery & Refund
  • We deliver products for you instantly upon purchase as a digital downloads.
  • We have a 180-day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, just ask us for a refund within 6 months of your payment and you'll get it. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!