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Tight Studio Drums is a Drum Sample Library designed to be the workhorse drum library for every songwriter. Whether you're making Punk, Rock, Pop, or Country - Tight Studio Drums can cater to the tone you're after.

VST/VST3/AU/AAX Plugin formats available. 64-bit system required.

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Mix-ready drum tone for your next song

Tight Studio Drums is a Drum Sample Library designed to be the workhorse drum library for every songwriter. Whether you're making Punk, Rock, Pop, or Country - Tight Studio Drums can cater to the tone you're after.

Tight Studio Drums features tight and snappy shells with lush and open cymbals.

Kit Presets:

Not sure how a certain Drum Sound was crafted? Kit Presets to the rescue!
We spent hours crafting these presets to give you the best possible starting point per genre & style. Flick through and see which style suits your song the best!

Preset list:
  • ATasteOfCompression
  • GrungeHeaven
  • ModernMetal
  • ModernPunk
  • NickelRear
  • NoobMetal
  • RingyStudioKit
  • StraightOuttaNashville
  • WeedyDay


Gretsch© Catalina 22x18

Gretsch© Catalina 14x6
Ludwig© Supraphonic 14x5

Gretsch© Catalina 8x7
Gretsch© Catalina 10x7
Gretsch© Catalina 12x8
Gretsch© Catalina 14x14
Gretsch© Catalina 16x16

Meinl© HCS Custom 14"
Meinl© Custom 16

Zildjian© A Custom 20

Zildjian© A Custom 17
Zildjian© A Custom 18
Zildjian© A Custom Fast 17

Zildjian© A Custom 20
Wuhan© China 18

Zildjian© A Custom 8
Meinl© HCS 10

Meinl© HCS Trash Crash 16


  • Ugritone Drums VST/AU/AAX Player Plugin
  • Installer for Ugritone Drums + Sample Data
  • 2 Snares, 2 Kicks, 1 Full Set of Toms, 10 cymbals (Hihat, Crashes, Chinas, Splashes, Stacks, Ride)
  • ~600 Mb Download Size
  • Drums Engineered by: Toni Kauko @ Ugritone Studios, Hollola, Finland
  • Drums mixed by: Ron D. Rock @ Soundstakk 3.0, Kingsville, ON
  • Drums Hits Performed by: Toni Kauko

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