Hello guitarist, Welcome to Ugritone!

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Who are we and what we do?

“True innovation lies in those who’ll truly dare to challenge the status quo”

Ugritone, offers audio-tools made by Ron D. Rock and Toni Kauko. We are Homestudio producers making Plugins, Virtual Instruments and Songwriting tools for Homestudio producers.

We offer Drum Sampler plugins, Drum MIDI Packs and couple of other plugins for music production and song-writing.

MIDI Packs

Our MIDI Packs include loads of drum grooves that you can use for songwriting, to be playbacked with (any) drum sampler in your final products. It makes your demos or even final songs that much faster to produce, and the midis are played by a real drummer, they do not sound fake!

Our MIDI Packs cater a wide range from different genres of Rock to Punk and sub-genres of Heavy Metal such as Doom / Black / Death / Melodic / NWOBHM / Thrash... And more.

We also offer a full bundle, "Allmighty MIDI pack" which includes all of our midipacks at once, over 1000 beats and fills!

Drum Sampler Plugins

Our Drum Samplers are made with a clear focus in mind: Realism and raw power. We've received many comments about our drum samplers sounding so real it's impossible to tell a difference. Our drum samplers also raw in mixing, which makes you able to mix them to sound YOU, which is impossible with many over-polished alternatives.

For example we offer:
  • RIOT Drums, basement-sounding very RAW punkish kit
  • Assault Drums, 80-90's kit for NWOBHM / West Coast Speed Metal
  • KVLT Drums II for wide range of heavy genres from 80's to 2000's, Black / Sludge / Thrash / Death / Straight Edge / Traditional Finnish Heavy Metal
  • Northern Artillery Drums for modern high quality Death / Speed / Power Metal, samples produced Stratovarius producer Matias Kupiainen!

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-25% Discount Coupon. You can use it on all the products. Coupon can be applied during checkout! Offer is valid until 16th of December 2019.

What customers have said about us?

Our average customer rating is 4.39 out of 5.0 stars (Based on 466 reviews)

What producers have said about us?

RIOT Drums

"Really good and natural samples. Simple interface, incredibly fast tweaking in the mixer and routing sections! And snare is sounding great on blastbeats!!!"

- Stefano Morabito, Producer (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Internal Suffering, Hour of Penance, Obscenity)

KVLT Drums

“These drums deliver the exact sound of the classic Norwegian Black Metal days. Perfect start for your new black metal project. Completely unprocessed and ready for music from the cold dark north. They’re great!”

- Scott Elliott (Chernobyl Studios)

Founder's Greetings

Hi! I'm Toni from Ugritone, nice to meet you! :)

Have you ever had a great song idea or a riff you wanted to record fast? Then you opened up your audio editor and started working on it, realizing after 2 hours that you're STILL adjusting the tools and figuring out which settings to use for your song to come to life?

Time spent:

  • Selecting tools (Samplers, plugins etc) 15 mins
  • Writing some basic midi beats to get to mixing 15 mins
  • Adjusting the drum tones 30 mins (Still far away from perfect)
  • Writing appropriate beats for your song idea 20 mins
  • As it's a hobby, you don't have a rush to get it done, it will take more time...
  • Or if it's your work, you'll do it so much you eventually need to tone down the phase to keep your inspiration flowing...
  • Oh snap, DAW crashed... Let's do it all again!
  • Artistic burnout, 1-2 weeks...

We at ugritone have faced this issue many times. I must admit that MANY of my songs never got finished in the past because I ended up spending too much time on everything else but the actual song writing and recording.

That's one of the main reasons we do what we do; Offer song-writing tools and plugins for music production; Drum MIDI Packs, Drum Sampler plugins and other plugins!

With our tools, just drop a sampler on the track, add appropriate MIDI grooves and start recording your guitars! Never miss and forget another song again!

- Toni Kauko