TRVE Cab, Our Impulse Loader

TRVE Cab is an Impulse Response loader designed for Heavy Rock & Metal Guitarists of any caliber. Simplified workflow - endless possibilities.

TRVE Cab comes in VST/AU/AAX format and can be used in both studio & live applications.

  • Load up to 8 IR’s simultaneously via 8 separate slots
  • Cabinet graphics to help identify the mics in use
  • Low CPU use, low latency
  • Volume, pan, HiPass, LoPass, solo & mute controls for every channel
  • Load your own IR’s
  • Comes with a Ugritone Freebie IR Pack

Easy file browser for navigating files.

TrveCab supports .wav, .aiff and .flac -files along with our own .ugricab IR Pack -files.

Browser remembers your selected folder so you don't have to search for your IR's everytime from C:\ or ~/

So have an IR file folder for all your IR's and easily use them all with our TrveCab.

8 IR Slots

Load your IR's to any of 8 different slots, adjust and combine as you like!

Each slot includes:
  • Gain
  • Low-Pass
  • High-Pass
  • Panning
  • Solo and Mute

Load to slots with easy and fast buttons or menu

It might sound like a basic thing, but the truth is, convenient user experience is not always granted. Will it be left or right mouseclick, it always works and thus removes confusion. Work as you like.

If you use our .ugricab IR Packs, doubleclicking on them will load the cab instantly.

Presets. Makes your life even easier!

Dialed in your favourite tone ever?!

Just click save preset, give it a name and you can use it anywhere you like.

Preset list also includes any ugricab-files you might own, inside a path you can set in settings, so it makes things blazing-fast!

Shift through all the presets and cabs by simple clicks.

Cool RAW but informational graphics

Graphics are relevant. It's just that feeling of really tuning in with some old rough hardware that gives you the inspiration to start that new killer riff to later become an awesome song, isn't it!?

Who are we?

“True innovation lies in those who’ll truly dare to challenge the status quo”

Ugritone, offers audio-tools made by Ron D. Rock and Toni Kauko. We are Homestudio producers making Plugins, Virtual Instruments and Songwriting tools for Homestudio producers.

Sounds of the yesteryears with a modern twist and workflow.

Whether it's Black Metal, Punk, Thrash or Chiptune, you'll likely to find a familiar tone from our products.

Why go with Ugritone?

We are not here to serve the "industry standard", which means we have no quotas to meet & no trends to follow.

Our products aren't made by A-list producers in a million dollar studio with drum kits rented from a museum. We don't process our sounds to the max on the way in.

We believe YOUR music should sound like YOU.

Less we process the sounds, the more it lets YOU process them.

What customers have said about us?

Our average customer rating is 4.39 out of 5.0 stars (Based on 466 reviews)

What producers have said about us?

RIOT Drums

"Really good and natural samples. Simple interface, incredibly fast tweaking in the mixer and routing sections! And snare is sounding great on blastbeats!!!"

- Stefano Morabito, Producer (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Internal Suffering, Hour of Penance, Obscenity)

KVLT Drums

“These drums deliver the exact sound of the classic Norwegian Black Metal days. Perfect start for your new black metal project. Completely unprocessed and ready for music from the cold dark north. They’re great!”

- Scott Elliott (Chernobyl Studios)


Ugritone really knocked the ball out of the park with this one. I was really impressed with how dead-on target these IR’s sound, absolutely on point! I felt like I was standing in the rehearsal room, right next to my amp - or at a mythical guitar friendly recording studio”

-Karl Sanders (Nile)