What The Hell Is A MIDI Pack And Why Do I Need One?

What The Hell Is A MIDI Pack And Why Do I Need One?

If you are a music producer or a content creator who is constantly seeking out fresh musical ideas, you may have heard of a MIDI pack. A MIDI pack is a collection of MIDI sequences that act as ready-made instructions for your digital instruments to produce a wide variety of beats, loops, and orchestrations.

You may still be wondering, what is a MIDI file? How was it “invented”? How do you make a MIDI pack? What are the advantages of using MIDI and, of course--what the hell is a MIDI pack and why do I need one?

What is MIDI?

MIDI, which is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, is a protocol that enables musicals instruments and computers to connect, be synchronized, and work together.

Since MIDI is just a protocol and not an algorithm, it is a misconception to think that MIDI generates digital music out of nothing. Instead, the MIDI protocol teaches a musical instrument the kind of music it needs to make and then encodes it digitally.

Using MIDI, it is possible to “dissect” a music piece and edit each aspect of it individually, therefore giving more freedom for music producers. MIDI allows modification to the dynamics, harmony, rhythm, tempo, and other elements of music in a non-destructive manner.

However, not everyone can readily create their own MIDI, as it would require a deep knowledge of music theory and mastery of the instrument to produce and edit music from scratch. Finishing a piece can also take time, as editing a MIDI file is detail-sensitive. This is why MIDI pack sellers are the go-to for people who either don’t have the time or lack the expertise to work on MIDI files themselves.

With the above definition in mind, you would probably have concluded what a MIDI pack is--a collection of MIDI loops created/produced for particular instruments or ensembles, or under the same genre of music, or with one same central theme for all tracks.

How Do Music Producers/Beat Makers Use MIDI Files?

For music producers, the use of MIDI is handy in “saving” a melody. A melody may come to a musician, and it would be wise to save it in a reusable format, such as a MIDI file, instead of repeatedly playing it.

Another use for producers of a MIDI is for education. If they wish to learn how an existing piece of music was made, they can obtain a MIDI and analyze each part. From there, they can understand how the original composer made the music in the final product.

On the other hand, some producers use MIDI to come up with a combination of musical ideas they had in the past to create a new one. Rather than manually conducting tiresome trial and error, they can cut and edit from multiple MIDI to see what would work.

Why Should You Use MIDI Packs?

For some in the music community, using MIDI is a lazy way to approach music. However, the reality is that making or buying MIDI packs is a faster and more efficient way to support and enhance your creative process.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider buying or learning to create MIDI packs.

MIDI Packs are an excellent resource for new music producers

For new music producers, writing music from scratch can be challenging. The lack of experience, inspiration, and resources may prove to be more than enough of a roadblock to discourage newbies.

However, with the help of MIDI packs that you can buy, making music becomes a lot easier. This can also be useful for music producers who may lack an actual instrument in the meantime. MIDI packs can provide loops of any instrument they need or a combination of any.

MIDI Packs are a great way to kick-start your creativity

There are times when a producer gets a bit of inspiration, perhaps a beat or rhythm, but not enough to create an entire track.

Through MIDI, combining the “tidbits” of these ideas would be possible. This can help a producer “play” with their creativity by mixing and matching their ideas into a new, complete track.

MIDI Packs help you make the most of your sample library

MIDI packs are a collection of sounds either of the same set of instruments, the same genres, or the same instruments but different genres.

No matter how you choose to package your MIDI pack (if you are a producer), or what type of package you prefer (if you are a buyer), MIDI packs open the opportunity to maximize the sample library of a musician.

MIDI Packs are affordable and easy to use

MIDI packs are affordable--and there is no other way to stress its affordability further. For example, under the collection here on Ugritone, you can grab a MIDI pack for your desired genre or instrument for as low as $15--how good of a deal is that?

If you are looking for a “bigger” and more comprehensive package, and you have extra cash to dish out, there are also packs that are tailor-made for your needs. For instance, take this Heavy Metal Creator Complete Bundle at 71% off, for only $299 now.

Final Thoughts

MIDI packs that you can buy are only some of the wonders that technology brought to the world of music production. It changed the ways musicians and producers can create their music, and it also changed the ways that they can distribute it. Without a doubt, MIDI packs are an essential tool in your production arsenal.
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