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Will Ugritone Drums work on my computer?

64-bit PC Windows 7 and higher
64-bit MAC OS X 10.9 and higher

4GB of RAM
Dual Core CPU
a soundcard
4GB of hard drive space

Please note:
iOS and Android

Which DAW's are currently supported

VST/AU/AAX 64-bit only:

Pro Tools 11 and higher
Cockos Reaper 3.4 and higher
Steinberg Cubase 8 and higher
Cakewalk Sonar X3 and higher
Apple Logic X 10.2.1 and higher
Studio one 5
FL Studio 11
Digital Performer 9
Ableton Live 8 (Mac)
Ableton Live 9 (PC)
Reason 1
Magix Music Maker
Harrison Mixbus

Not-supported DAWs:

Cakewalk BandLab

Are MIDI Notes Samples?

MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface.For a Songwriter, MIDI is the DNA of DAW controlled music. In short, it's information signal that tells Virtual Instruments what notes to play, when to play them, how hard or how soft to play them, how long to hold the notes and much much more.

While MIDI itself contains no audible signal, it basically tells Ugritone Drums (or other drum instruments) what to play and how to play them.