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Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack really digs into something that's rarely seen. Black Metal Drum grooves, simple and straightforward, for you. With these beats you're able to compose your own black metal songs with ease. And this time, you are able to get them dirt cheap by joining our newsletter! And what's great about joining our newsletter, you'll be ahead of the game and get all the updates, news and discounts before everyone else!

Disclaimer: MIDI Packs require a drum sampler to playback the beats.

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Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack

"First there was a kit, then came beats" Black Metal Essentials MIDI pack gives you the essentials of Old School Black Metal Drumming. You'll find blast beats, you'll find triplet beats, you'll find the regular beats, all beats evil and ready to summon the darkness. We also included a handful of fills. You'll also find cymbal swells, crescendos etc. And a bonus, "Death March" package!

PLEASE NOTE: This MIDI package only contains the MIDI files, no sampler included.

System Requirements:
  • How to use MIDI (What is MIDI?)
  • Drum Sampler (such as KVLT Drums, Riot Drums, EzDrummer, Steven Slate Drums etc)

Groove List

  • BackBeatTripletDblBass
  • DoomBeat
  • DoubleBassBeat
  • EvilSkank
  • FreezingBeat
  • HellhammerBlast
  • OldBlast
  • PaganBeat
  • Prog
  • RegularBeat
  • RegularBeatDblBass
  • Skank
  • TripletBackBeat
  • TripletRegBeat
  • UpbeatDblBass
  • VargBeat
...and more!

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What producers have said about us?

RIOT Drums

"Really good and natural samples. Simple interface, incredibly fast tweaking in the mixer and routing sections! And snare is sounding great on blastbeats!!!"

- Stefano Morabito, Producer (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Decrepit Birth, Internal Suffering, Hour of Penance, Obscenity)

KVLT Drums

“These drums deliver the exact sound of the classic Norwegian Black Metal days. Perfect start for your new black metal project. Completely unprocessed and ready for music from the cold dark north. They’re great!”

- Scott Elliott (Chernobyl Studios)