Dazuul - De-Esser plugin

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While essentially a De-Esser plugin, Dazuul retains the natural sound, not just harshly compressing the content, but actually filtering it to retain as much of the original signal as possible to keep it more natural and smooth.

VST/VST3/AU/AAX Plugin formats available. 64-bit system required


De-Essing the smart way

DaZuul is simple, but powerful. Usually just throwing it onto track fixes the problems with sibilants. Even while removing even strongest of Es's, the vocal clarity stays intact.


  • Cutoff Amplitude Adjustment and Detector Filtering
  • Treble Boost
  • Detector Signal Monitor
  • "De-essing indicator light"
  • VST/AU/AAX Compatible

How does DaZuul work?

DaZuul filters the signal. The main difference is that it tries not to kill the whole sibilant, but just the high frequencies of it. And it does not use compression per se, but an overall decrease in volume for the high frequencies, which is in practice, more natural approach. It's like a virtual finger on a high EQ knob, that turns it down appropriately when the sibilant hits.

Keep the content

We didn't want to kill the entire signal, because fair enough, there are use for those lower frequencies and they do not harass listeners. And it also ables this plugin to be used as a smoothing plugin for any other instrument which might need some treble taming, because the dynamics and tonality of the lower frequencies stay completely untouched.

Simple to use, powerful results

There's not too much to adjust. Cutoff Amplitude is the most important one, and it's easy to find appropriate value with the signal meter right next to it. Just tune it to hit only those harsh hisses and esses and the plugin will do the rest!

Detector Hi-Pass lets you take in more lower frequencies if necessary, and Treble Boost is to hit that crystal shizzle to the roof, when you need it!

Why should you get DaZuul?

If you don't own a de-esser plugin yet, you definitely need one for mixing. And DaZuul is very simple to use, just a couple of knobs, and due to the special way it tames the high end, you can use it on almost anything and it just works. And you DO need a de-esser to mix properly.

For vocals, to get them bright and clean, you usually need some treble boosting and compression. That makes sibilants much worse. So, a de-esser takes care of that problem. The result is overall improved vocal sound.

If you own one, don't lose skipping this one

If you already own a de-esser, well, this one's probably different, and there's always use for good tools in your toolkit. You never know, this one might just become the most fav'ed de-esser you own. Just throw it on the track and listen what happens!
Tech Specs

Plugin System Requirements:

  • 64-bit Operating System (MAC OS 10.9 or Windows 7 and higher)
  • Dual-core CPU
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • a Soundcard
  • Supported Audio Editing Software (Check here)

  • MIDI Pack System Requirements:

  • Any software and hardware which is capable of reading .mid-files in midi standard.

  • Product details:

  • Our plugins come in VST, AU and AAX Format, for 64-bit systems.
  • Our Samplers expect midi input.
  • Audio processing plugins like 1989Verb expects audio input.
  • Our midipacks are packages of midifiles that can be used as loops for drum libraries to produce audible beats. They are usually compatible with most drum libraries.
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